Car Accidents at Intersections and Stoplights in California

Attorneys for Car Accidents at Southern California Intersections and Stoplights

When two or more roads come together at an intersection, there is a higher possibility of an accident occurring. The Injury Law Office of Jimmie Kang recognizes the dangers of intersection collisions and is committed to helping people injured in Southern California intersection car accidents get the compensation they deserve from responsible drivers.

Following the California Law Applicable to Control of Intersections

With so many accidents happening at these road junctions, many resulting in injury or death, it is important to understand the rules of the road before attempting to determine fault. Most intersection auto accidents happen because one or more drivers made poor decisions before proceeding, resulting in auto damage and personal injury. This poor judgment or recklessness can lead to motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists being injured when drivers do not obey the law applicable to right-of-way and traffic control devices.

Types of Intersection Car Accidents

Whenever two roads intersect, there is a chance that the vehicles using them will collide. Four-way stops, whether controlled by stop signs or stop lights, can be dangerous due to the volume of cars passing through them and the actions they might take.

  • U-turns: There are several laws that spell out when you can legally make a U-turn in California. Separate U-turn laws specifically deal with making U-turns in a business district, residential area, and whether you have an unobstructed view while making the U-turn.
  • Running a stoplight or stop sign: Drivers who do not obey stoplight signals or stop signs are often at fault for intersection accidents. When vehicles collide in a perpendicular manner, these crashes are frequently referred to as “T-bone” accidents.
  • Uncontrolled intersections: The rules of right-of-way are never as important as when multiple vehicles arrive an uncontrolled intersection with no signs or lights to direct traffic. In 2009, the percentage of intersection fatalities that happened at uncontrolled intersections accounted for 41% of traffic-related deaths, nearly doubling since 2006.
  • Turning at an intersection: According to the National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey, gathering information on crashes that happened between 2005-2007, turning at an intersection was responsible for more than 23% of intersection crashes during that time frame.

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