How Much Is Your California Truck Accident Case Worth?

Trucks are frequently at the center of some of the most severe and costly accidents.

We often hear their rumble and tumble well before we see them. They have their own lanes and weigh stations and are not allowed onto quiet streets, and for good reason! Trucks are a fact of life. We have to put up with them. They carry millions of things around the country and are a significant vein of the national economy. 

However, maybe because of their high numbers, or perhaps because of their complexity, trucks are frequently at the center of some of the most severe and costly accidents.

Jimmie Kang Law Firm has represented many people involved in various kinds of trucking accidents in Southern California involving: motoristspedestriansbicyclistsmotorcyclists and even other truckers. We understand that while the law is a complex series of institutions, rules, and procedures, the endgame for you is simple. 

You need recovery. You need the person or company who caused the truck accident to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, disability, disfigurement, and other damages. You can count on us to stand up for you in the critical hours, days, and weeks after your accident to ensure that your recovery does not vanish. 

In fact, we can work to make sure that it is maximized. To give you a sense of what that process looks like, we put some information below on the laws surrounding truck accidents and the awards that other victims have recovered. This should give you a good lay of the land of California truck accident law.

The Law Surrounding California Truck Accidents

California truck accidents are governed by the law of negligence. Negligence actions allege that someone or some entity failed to act reasonably in the circumstances. This is a subjective question left to the jury to decide. However, context does matter, and they can look at various things to establish the proper standard of conduct including custom, practice, law, and so forth. 

Therefore, the appropriate standard for driving a truck will inevitably be different than performing surgery. 

There are four things that every negligence lawsuit must allege and prove to be successful. First, the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty. Second, the defendant breached that duty. Third, the breach caused the plaintiff injury. Fourth, those injuries resulted in economic or non-economic damages to the plaintiff. 

One dimension of negligence that is particularly relevant to truck accidents is negligence per se. These are acts deemed negligent because they violate a law. To win on a negligence per see action, you must allege and prove that the defendant broke the law, you were injured, the injury was of the kind meant to be prevented by the law, and you were in the class of people intended to be protected by the law. Examples of negligence per se in California include driving a car without working lights or brakes.

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