How Much Will it Cost me to Get a Lawyer to Represent me in My California Motorcycle Accident Case?

Nothing. It does not cost you anything upfront to get a lawyer to represent you in a California motorcycle accident case. At Jimmie Kang Law Firm we represent individuals injured in California motorcycle accidents on a contingency fee basis. Under a contingency fee arrangement, our law firm will represent you regardless of your financial situation. In lieu of charging you directly for our services, we receive a legal fee based upon a recovery for you. If we are unable to obtain compensation for you, then our services are free and you do not owe us anything.

Under California Law, a contingency fee arrangement must set forth the terms of the arrangement in writing and be signed by you and our office.

Put Our Experienced Motorcycle Accident Law Firm to Work for You

While there are many lawyers who may offer to represent you in a California motorcycle accident case, you need to make sure that the law firm you hire has the skills and experience necessary to ensure that you are properly represented in what may be a long-term situation. Before you hire a lawyer, ask the following:

  • How many motorcycle cases have you handled?
  • Have you tried a motorcycle injury case before a jury?
  • Do you have access to expert witnesses such as: surgeons, economists, accident reconstructionists, life care planners and vocational counselors?
  • Can you provide any examples of the type of recoveries you’ve gotten for other motorcyclists?
  • How many other cases do you have? (Can he or she devote enough time to your case)
  • Are you available by phone or email to answer my questions during my lawsuit?

If the attorney that you are meeting with cannot answer the above questions or diminishes the importance of the questions, you may want to keep looking for a lawyer who is willing to do so. Before you select an attorney to represent you in a motorcycle accident case, we invite you to contact our office or schedule an in-office or at-home meeting with one of our attorneys who will sit down with you and answer any of the above or other questions that you may have concerning you situation.

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