Is a Business Liable If They’re Told About a Spill and Don’t Clean it up and Then Someone Slips and Falls?

They can be. Businesses are responsible for the actions of all their employees so this would be one factor in calculating its liability. The test would be whether the failure to clean it up after being notified constituted negligence.

How Can I Use Notice To Prove A Business Was Liable For My Slip And Fall Accident?

The use of evidence in an California slip and fall case must fall into the form of the cause of action. In this situation, it will normally be a lawsuit for negligence. Therefore, you can use the fact the company was told about the spill, crack in the floor, or other unsafe condition in order to establish that the company acted unreasonably and did not provide the victim with sufficient care. Even if the company wasn’t told, you can still argue that a reasonable defendant would have figured it out, and the fact that it didn’t suffices to show its unreasonable and negligent behavior. 

How Will Defendants Try To Respond To This Argument In Court?

If you can show that the defendant business had knowledge of the unsafe condition prior to your slip and fall accident, then they could be in a precarious position legally. Therefore, it is in their best interest to deny that they had knowledge of the situation. How do they do that? Often, they try and argue that the person someone told about the risk was not a company employee. They might say the recipient was a vendor, contractor, or other unrelated party. They could also claim that the risk conveyed to them was different in size or type than what happened to you. Also, they frequently allege that whoever told them about the spill, crack, or other issue did so after the injury in focus. Finally, they do just simply deny that they were told about it in many instances.

When Are Examples Of Business Liability In California Slip And Fall Accidents?

Many people we speak with ask us about common scenarios for slip and fall injuries in California. This is important because it shows them when they can recover if they are involved in a similar situation. One of the most frequent examples in stores is when visitors slip because of a spilled liquid. Ice in parking lots is also common culprit of incidents and injuries. Uneven and imperfect floors, especially in developing businesses, often trips up unsuspecting customers as well. As you can imagine, there are more than a million ways slip and fall cases can arise across California. The important thing to remember is that recovery is available to you if you act quickly to protect your rights.

Is Anybody Else Liable If The Company Was Told About The Danger?

If the store where you slipped and got hurt had prior knowledge about the circumstances of the situation, then this could help you proceed against them for damages in a California court of law. However, it might not be the only party you could pursue for recovery Many times, that store might just be renting from another business. In that case, the landlord might be responsible especially if the injury arose from a building code violation or other structural risk. Additionally, the store where you fell might have insurance coverage for this type of accident and if that is the case you could be able to proceed against them for reimbursement. The point is that you could be able to seek compensation from multiple parties if you slip and get hurt while at a store. If you work with an experienced personal injury attorney in California, then you will be able to identify every party that is responsible.

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