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The immense popularity of Lowes home-improvement stores have increased in recent years because of the various products available to do-it-yourself homeowners. The aisles are filled with every type of merchandise required to construct, repair or replace building materials for home and commercial use. However, because of the store’s layout design and the high-volume of shoppers, Lowes accidents are all too common.

Like other large chain home-improvement stores, Lowes practices high merchandise stacking as an effective solution for storing additional stock. While stacking the merchandise overhead provides easy accessibility to goods and products, saving employees time and much-needed space, it places unsuspecting victims in the path of heavy falling objects.

Duty to Maintain a Safe Environment Inside & Outside of Lowes Stores

It is the responsibility of Lowes management, supervisors and employees to provide a safe environment to every customer on the premises. Any failure in maintaining that safety can place the lives of others in jeopardy. As a result, the Lowes home-improvement store can be held legally liable when an accident occurs causing injury, damage or death. Many of the root causes of Lowes accidents involve:

  • Failing to rectify hazardous or dangerous conditions to shoppers
  • Supervisor or employee failing to stack merchandise in the store properly
  • Failing to clean up any spilled mess of solid or liquids both inside and outside the store
  • Failing to maintain dry clean floors to avoid slip and fall accidents
  • Failing to maintain parking lots in good condition
  • Failing to clean up generated sawdust that could cause a slip and fall injury
  • Failing to properly mark wet floors using signage and barricades
  • Failing to warn customers and employees of any dangerous condition
  • Failing to maintain the entryway altered by icy and rainy weather conditions

Many individuals involved in California Lowes accidents inside the home improvement center suffer serious injuries from slip and falls, falling objects, and other hazards inside the store. As a result, victims often file a claim or lawsuit against the large chain retailer as a way to seek recovery for their hospitalization, current and future medical expenses, lost earnings, the loss of the ability to earn a living in the future, property damage, pain and suffering.

However, these types of accidents are difficult to prove in a court of law and often require the skills of an experienced personal injury attorney to prove liability.

How an Injured Person Proves Liability in a Lawsuit Against Lowes

Victims filing a lawsuit or claim are required to prove that the defendant (Lowes home-improvement retailer) had the legal responsibility to maintain a safe environment. In addition, pursuant to California law, it must be proven that an act of negligence directly caused the accident. A skilled attorney specializing in big-box accidents will establish how the home improvement center:

  • Created a dangerous condition leading to the victim’s injuries, or
  • Knew that the hazardous conditions in the store existed but still failed to offer a warning of any kind or clean up the mess, or
  • Lowes management, supervisors or employees had the time to discover that a serious hazardous condition inside or outside the store existed, but took no action.

Lowes, and other large home-improvement centers, usually fight hard to pay a claim to any customer injured in their facility. They often refer the claim out to an in-house experienced adjuster working from their Safety and Risk Service Center as a way to resolve the case by denying the claim or settling for a minimal amount. This is why it is essential to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Here is information we have prepared about proving liability in slip and fall cases.

Hiring an Attorney to Represent You in a California Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Lowes

If you or a loved one were injured in a Lowes accident, you will likely need the best legal assistance possible to ensure you are adequately and fully compensated for your injuries, damages and loss. These types of accidents have the potential of leaving victims with life-changing, catastrophic injuries where the healing process can last a lifetime.

Jimmie Kang Law Firm has extensive legal litigation experience in big-box accidents. Our attorneys can build a successful case to ensure you receive a high amount of recompense. Our law firm is serious when seeking justice for your injuries. We provide a no fee, no hassle consultation to discuss your case and can provide various legal options to ensure you are compensated for your injuries occurring from a dangerous condition at a California Lowes home-improvement center.

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