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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident lawyers in California Each year nearly 5,000~6,000 pedestrians die in motor vehicle related accidents according to the reports from the National Highway Traffic…
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Vehicle Fire Accidents

Vehicle Fire Accident lawyers in California You may not see the car on fires very frequently, but when it happens, it’s a disastrous emergency. According…
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Orange County UBER/LYFT ACCIDENTS Lawyers When you use an Uber/Lyft, unfortunately, accidents can happen. Whether the Uber/Lyft driver or a third party is at fault,…
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Bicycle Accidents

Orange County Bicycle Accident Attorneys Serving California Orange County bicycle accident attorneys at Jimmie Kang Law Firm knows the dangers bicyclists face while riding on…
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Truck Accidents

Compared to other types of motor vehicle crash cases, such as car accidents, tractor-trailer accident cases are more complicated because there may be multiple parties at…
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Car Accidents

Orange County Car Accident Lawyers Our Orange County car accident lawyers understand that a severe injury can have a tremendous impact on your life. California…
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