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How long will my injury case take before I am compensated?

A. The length of the injury case depends on a number of factors. First, it may depend on how long it will take for the medical treatment and evaluation you are receiving to conclude. The goal of the medical treatment is for you to return to the condition you were prior to the injury. If your injury is severe, that may not be possible and we, as your attorneys need to know the full extent of your injuries and the consequential effects your injury will have on your life going forward before we can make an informed demand for your compensation. Second, it also depends on whether the defendant’s insurance company is making a fair offer to compensate you for your injuries. In the event we are unable to come to an amicable resolution of your claim, we may need to file a lawsuit and work towards taking your case to trial. We here at the Injury Law Offices of Jimmie Kang have the resources, the experience, expertise and a proven track record to get the best possible outcome for our clients.

Can I get a rental car if my car was damaged in an automobile accident?

A. Yes, if your vehicle was damaged in an automobile accident, the party at fault or his insurance company is liable for your rental car expenses for a comparable vehicle. How long you may have the rental car depends on whether your vehicle was drivable or unsafe to drive.

What if I was uninsured at the time of the accident, can I still make a claim?

A. Yes, under California Civil Code Section 3333.4, if you are injured as a driver in an automobile accident but you did not have liability insurance at the time of the accident, you may still make a claim for your injuries but you will not entitled to receive pain and suffering compensation as part of your settlement. For further details, contact our office for free consultation.

How much does the attorney charge?

A. For personal injury matters, our office works on a contingency fee agreement, which means, if we don’t win, there will be no charge. It’s only when we are successful in getting you compensated, we charge a percentage of the claim. By the way, our firm has a 96% success rate.

Will your law firm help me with the property damage claim?

A. Yes, if we are representing you for personal injuries, our law firm will help you with the property damage claim as well. We understand how confusing and time consuming the claims process can be, especially when you are also dealing with injuries from the accident.

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